How to configure statusnet default language

If you are playing with statusnet, I bet you could not change default language; English language just shows every where. So I’d like to write a quick guide to show you how to change perferred langguage as zh_cn. I have a Ubuntu server with only English language pack. [bash] root@lamp www/statusnet# locale -a C POSIX en_GB [/bash]

I searched  and install Chinese language pack by aptitide [bash] root@lamp www/statusnet# aptitude search language-pack-zh p   language-pack-zh                                                                 - translations for language Chinese (dummy package) p   language-pack-zh-base                                                            - translations for language Chinese (dummy package) P language-pack-zh-hans                                                            - translation updates for language Simplified Chinese P   language-pack-zh-hans-base                                                       - translations for language Simplified Chinese p   language-pack-zh-hant                                                            - translation updates for language Traditional Chinese p   language-pack-zh-hant-base                                                       - translations for language Traditional Chinese root@lamp www/statusnet# aptitude install language-pack-zh-hans-base [/bash]

Then I checked it again [bash] root@lamp www/statusnet# locale -a C POSIX en_GB zh_CN.utf8 zh_SG.utf8 [/bash]

Ubuntu OS has translations for language Simplified Chinese right, then I go ahead to configure statusnet config.php file. It only needs one more line as below, you can use your own language. [php] $config[‘site’][’language’] = ‘zh_CN’; [/php]

The final step, you login statusnet as administrator and go to /admin/site. Then you will select your language from dropdown list. I spend a few days to fix this problem. Just today, I realized my problem is Ubuntu linux server does not have Chinese Language pack yet. Show you my art as below :) 如何配置statusnet默认为中文界面

如何在 Ubuntu 上配置 statusnet 默认为中文界面 1)安装中文语言包 2)配置 config.php 的默认语言 3)statusnet 管理员配置站点的默认语言

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