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Focusing on community building, sharing DevOps and SRE technologies, principles and practices

I lives to build community since 2017, I started his mission from the first DevOps Days event in China, also as a core organizer of DevOps Days in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen in 2018. As a community builder, I am founder of DevOps China community, I am actively organizing various events, including community meetups in near 20 cities.

I have translated two famous books, DevOps Handbook and SRE Workbook. My primary target is focusing on building offline sharing and communication network. I works with other community organizers to do planning and executing weekly. I am contributing my knowledge by doing blog, speech and webinar as frequently as possible.

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微信公众号 - MyDevOps


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Highlight:Bi-weekly night online streaming “DevOps Tools live show”, season 1 started from 15th April, see all 10 episodes on my YouTube playlist







The books I translated.

DevOps Handbook

《DevOps Handbook》 From IT Revolution Press

DevOps Handbook

The Site Reliability Workbook

The Site Reliability Workbook from O’Reilly Media

SRE Workbook

DevOps Paradox

DevOps Pradox

Coming soon:

  • 97 Things Every SRE Should Know

97 Things Every SRE Should Know

  • Distributed Tracing in Practice

Distributed Tracing in Practice

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