Open source software box dot net launch

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My another new domain name is launching. This site will move into as soon as could be finally blocked due to IDC domain registration process failed.

I am almost giving up this blog sometimes, just because .cn domain name is hopeless. I am done with this game. For the past few months, I did everything that I could do for keeping this domain alive. But, is still under the risk; you could not reach this site for any moment. means open source software box network. I’d like to package oss as a physical machine or virtual appliance. A quick start guide will go with it to jump start a new user for using oss. Installation  and configuration work is painful for people are not a oss guru. I call this is the last mile problem for adapting open source software. If you have oss specialty and are interesting in this kind of work, please drop me a email. I’d like to involve anyone who has same idea.

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