Systems Monitoring Shootout

Please download it here A paper from Open Management ConsortiumThis is a paper from “2008 Ottawa Linux Symposium”. It will give you a nice insight about some great NSM projects. It is talking about OpenNMS, Zabix, Zenoss, GroundWorks and Hyperic, those might b the hottest projects around NMS field. If you are looking for a open source network and system monitoring solution, or you are testing one of them; you should check it out. [阅读全文]

Build Zenoss 2.1.2 on Redhat Enterprise Linux 5

Well, it is the first time to running a RHEL 5 for me, at same time got zenoss built successfully on it. zenoss-2.1.2 was build from source, the whole process went a while since RHEL is in one of my VMware session; CPU %sy was pretty high during building source code.Build zenoss-2.1.2 The INSTALL.txt file is good enough, my installation how-to can be really sample: Read INSTALL.txt add zenoss user start mysql upload zenoss tarball to zenoss home directory login as zenoss untar zenoss tarball then run the following, good luck! [阅读全文]