How to configure statusnet default language

If you are playing with statusnet, I bet you could not change default language; English language just shows every where. So I’d like to write a quick guide to show you how to change perferred langguage as zh_cn. I have a Ubuntu server with only English language pack. [bash] [email protected] www/statusnet# locale -a C POSIX en_GB [/bash] I searched and install Chinese language pack by aptitide [bash] [email protected] www/statusnet# aptitude [阅读全文]

It just looks like a Mac desktop

We all knows Mac OS X looks very nice, and works nice also. But, Mac can not be only system for you to use. Most of us are using Intel PC desktops and laptops. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Chinese saying says “鱼和熊掌不可得兼” . So, you might need a new Mac skin for your desktop, no matter MS Windows or Linux OS. I’d like share two tips, you can make a Mac desktop in  minutes.**For Windows: FlyakiteOSX is a all-in-one package. It much more easier then making a Mac-buntu. Does it slow down you windows system? Of course, yes. it’s just a little bit and acceptable for me.For Gnome Linux:**There is a open source prject on the You need download the package and un-tar it. A pdf document will walk you through every settings. I made my Mac-buntu just in 20 minutes. I do not like ‘global meun’ and widget, so I ingored them. 


gOS looks green

Today I installed gOS on my laptop; openSuSE did great work for me 3 years. I’d like to play some new things. So, check my new desktop out. you go its wetsite, you will see it talks lots of cloud. It’s interesting, but it is not the reson i chose it. Ubuntu 8.04 is inside gOS. So, it time to learn a new linux system. I neve use a Derbin based system, I’m not sure it could run for me how long. [阅读全文]