OTRS FAQ 1.5.3 : you have six reasons to use it

I have Christopher T. Kuhn Blog’s RSS feed in my blackberry. That’s the way I following with OTRS project. Christoper do the best job to explain new features and updated s. I did not try out OTRS FAQ 1.5.3 yet, but it look great from Chrisopher’s post. 知识库、解决方案库或者KB的建设往往被人们忽视 [Read More]

How do you know who uses open source?

It’s hard to get a answer. But I am always thanking about this question. The people who use open source may not announce to the wold “we are running apache+tomcat as on-line banking service!!!”. As far as I know, more and more peoples going to choice open source software whenever they have this option.

Let’s narrow down this question. That will be more interesting.

Who are using [**OTRS**](http://www.martinliu.cn/orts/) as help desk on the **Internet**?
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Open Source Ticket Request System - OTRS 2.2.6

I made a OTRS 2.2.6 virtual machine for anyone who wants to test both OTRS and OTRS::ITSM. It was built on OpenSUSE 10.2, including OTRS 2.2.6 and OTRS::ITSM 1.0.94. OTRS::ITSM implements ITIL ® focused IT service management. OTRS::ITSM 1.0.94 is still on Beta, you might have some bugs when using this virtual machine. Please download from my box.net, if you have an comment please just let me know. I’d like [Read More]


开源一般都是谁在玩?我觉得还是开发人员比较多,通常有开发背景的人才会比较轻松的去下载源代码,编译并运行。现在网上有很多能让您轻松搞定开源软件 [Read More]