Open source software box dot net launch

My another new domain name is launching. This site will move into as soon as could be finally blocked due to IDC domain registration process failed. I am almost giving up this blog sometimes, just because .cn domain name is hopeless. I am done with this game. For the past few months, I did everything that I could do for keeping this domain alive. But, is still under the risk; you could not reach this site for any moment. [阅读全文]

Top 25 OSS Projects on Jan 2009

This list is from You may have the question: How do we adapt open source? My answer might be you just should use them as much as you can. The world is facing economic crisis, you have to saving your budget. How do you deal with that? It’s time to think about OSS now.1. Shine J2EE Framework 开发框架http://j [阅读全文]

best of open source software [InfoWold OSS AWARRDS]

Are you running a open source project? If so, you may wash for this awards. Have you every vote for someOSS on InfoWorld? After I check out all of those lists, I realized there are some great softwares I still don’t know. For sure you are leveraging oss power, you may go with some champion projects.Best of open source productivity appsThe InfoWorld Test Center’s picks for the top free and open source productivity apps include office suite, Web browser, image … August 4, 2008Best of open source developer toolsThe InfoWorld Test Center picks the top free and open source RIA platform, Ajax framework, business rule management system, … August 4, 2008



这周我在繁密的出差当中,偶尔能用Blackberry看一眼邮件,不过完全没有可能回答读者任何问题。最近这两周有愈来愈多的博客读者给我发了邮件 [阅读全文]

Get right-size of OSS

6yeas ago, I had a open source talk with my friend Tom Chen. The topic was " does oss suppose to work for large enterprise for mission critical business?” Until last week, I thought I found answer by myself; the OSS does works for bank business in China. During last week, I deployed my company’s product on CCB’s machines. Those machines are part of e-banking system, 1/4th of them are on Redhat Enterprise Linux 4 update6. [阅读全文]


这几天我对blog做的做多的工作就是找一个好看的Theme。由于受blogspot的影响,所找到的都是黑色两列的;后来觉得样式还是太花哨了, [阅读全文]