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很久以前我一直使用的rpm based Linux,原因很简单,我只要手握一张最新的DVD,就可以走遍天下都不怕,特别是对SuSE Linux的yast很依赖,因为它可以帮我解决rpm包之间的依赖性。这样工作起来就很简单,基本上是搜索到软件包之后,点击安装既可以搞定所有的软件安装工作。


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No matter Bill says how friendly M$ Windows is. It is eating more and more my free disk space. Toady I figured out some tips for releasing disk space. In Windows file explore, you can not see the folder size without checking on property. So you may need a tool, something like FolderSizes. FolderSize helps me to know more about my heard diver. It shows me there is a folder ‘System Volume information", this folder is 6.20GB big. What the hell is that??? I can not even see it in file…


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A) Download from Oracle website.

B) Download 10gR2_openSUSE102_introduction.pdf and ora.rpm from ftp ftp.novelŀcom

C) Install Oracle, following quick steps:

1. Install openSUSE 10.2 with “C/C++ Development” selection.
2. Download and Install orarun package.
3. Enable and set password for newly created user oracle by orarun.
4. Set updated kernel parameters by executing /etc/init.d/oracle start.
5. Download and unzip Oracle 10gR2 Database SW.
Edit file…


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下面我将描述如何安装OCSNG服务器和客户端.服务器的安装在openSuse Linux中,文中将提到Linux和Windows代理的安装方法.最终能在界面中看到两个节点的清单信息,不过只有Linux的哪个会每天更新.

This article is talking about how to install OCSNG 1.0.1 on a openSuSE 10.2 system.




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