opennms 1.6.1-1 quick start guide

本安装手册为纯命令版,如果有什么疑问清参考官方安装手册,或给本贴留言。 [install yum on your Linux box] 选择任意Linux系统,安装上yum工具,在命令行测试 yum -v [Read More]

Systems Monitoring Shootout

Please download it here A paper from Open Management Consortium This is a paper from “2008 Ottawa Linux Symposium”. It will give you a nice insight about some great NSM projects. It is talking about OpenNMS, Zabix, Zenoss, GroundWorks and Hyperic, those might b the hottest projects around NMS field. If you are looking for a open source network and system monitoring solution, or you are testing one of them; you should check it out. [Read More]