Top 25 OSS Projects on Jan 2009

This list is from You may have the question: How do we adapt open source? My answer might be you just should use them as much as you can. The world is facing economic crisis, you have to saving your budget. How do you deal with that? It’s time to think about OSS now.1. Shine J2EE Framework 开发框架http://j [阅读全文]

Hyperic HQ 3.2 new features

If you’d like to check out release note, please click here. had a quick install on RHEL 5. For some features what I saw, I took some screenshots as bellowing. I hope this helps you to understand what’s new in 3.2 and save a little bit time for you if you do not wants to install it. I will describe in Chinese.New Nav menu 新导航菜单 [阅读全文]

How to install hyperic-hq on openSuse 10.2

Make the hq and group groupadd hq useradd -c ‘hyperic hq’ -d /home/hq -g hq -s /bin/bash hq mkdir /home/hq chown -R hq.hq /home/hq ****Untar installer package and install **** cd /home/hq tar zxf hyperic-hq-installer-3.0.4-389-x86-linux.tgz chown -R hq.hq . su hq [email protected]:~> cd hyperic-hq-installer/ [email protected]:~/hyperic-hq-installer> ls LICENSES.txt agent-3.0.4.tgz installer-3.0.4 server-3.0.4.tgz setup.bat shell-3.0.4.tgz [email protected]:~/hyperic-hq-installer> ./ Unpacking JRE to temporary directory /tmp/jre Initializing Hyperic HQ 3.0.4 Installation… Loading taskdefs… Taskdefs loaded Choose which software to install: 1: Hyperic HQ Server 2: Hyperic HQ Shell 3: Hyperic HQ Agent You may enter multiple choices, separated by commas. [阅读全文]

Hyperic HQ小测手记

HQ的网站是一个显的非常商业化的网站;看上去制作的比较精良也比较专业。从HQ的官方文档(好像没找到pdf手册)中看出它能监控的东西还真的非常 [阅读全文]