one minute to build your wap version blog

Wap version of my blog ** ** You could also build yours within one minute. I think it is worth to do, since more and more peoples are surfing from mobile device. You might get a wap link on your home page, I will do it after get this post publish out.Now, it time to explain how to do a wap blog. open Google Moblizer in your browser enter your url of your blog, then click go button google moblizer will adjust your blog page to flat wap version. [阅读全文]

What is Google Infrastructure?

If you have no idea, you should read this post “Google spotlights data center inner workings”.There are some notes I took as blowing.Google Infrastructure: clusters of 1,800 servers are pretty routine. an ordinary Google search query that involves 700 to 1,000 servers puts 40 servers in each rack Google has 36 data centers across the globe; Google has more than 200,000 servers; growing every day. Google largely builds its own [阅读全文]

DO you have a google App Engine?

There is what I got from read a post last night, Developers, start your engines Even I am not a developer, I definitely look forward to sing up appengine. . But I can not have it, that’s pity. Let’s see how to create a ‘hello world’ appp on google appengine.Let me see your app on google. See more on App Engine是一 [阅读全文]