gOS looks green

Today I installed gOS on my laptop; openSuSE did great work for me 3 years. I’d like to play some new things. So, check my new desktop out. http://picasaweb.google.com/liuzh66/GOS If you go its wetsite http://thinkgos.com/, you will see it talks lots of cloud. It’s interesting, but it is not the reson i chose it. Ubuntu 8.04 is inside gOS. So, it time to learn a new linux system. I neve use a Derbin based system, I’m not sure it could run for me how long. [Read More]

one minute to build your wap version blog

Wap version of my blog **http://tinyurl.com/martinliu ** You could also build yours within one minute. I think it is worth to do, since more and more peoples are surfing from mobile device. You might get a wap link on your home page, I will do it after get this post publish out. Now, it time to explain how to do a wap blog. 1. open Google Moblizer in your browser 2. [Read More]

What is Google Infrastructure?

If you have no idea, you should read this post “Google spotlights data center inner workings”. There are some notes I took as blowing. Google Infrastructure: * clusters of 1,800 servers are pretty routine. * an ordinary Google search query that involves 700 to 1,000 servers * puts 40 servers in each rack * Google has 36 data centers across the globe; Google has more than 200,000 servers; growing every [Read More]

Enterprise cloud computing

http://www.datacenterknowledge.com/ 这个网站还是不错,有很多关于数据中心的知识。它应该主要是收集业内在该领域里新咨询,先收录一下,回头慢慢学习。 这个vido我觉得也可以学习一 [Read More]

Clouds are coming

最近两周最吸引我的TAG是这个词“cloud computing”。在我前一个文章中稍微展望了一下云计算的前景“云计算吧电能转化成计算能力,然 [Read More]

DO you have a google App Engine?

There is what I got from http://appengine.google.com/ Thanks for checking in! When space in the Google App Engine preview release becomes available, we'll notify you by emailing [email protected] Don't worry--you don't have to wait to start building applications! You can get started now by downloading our SDK and reading through our documentation. I read a post last night, Developers, start your engines Even I am not a developer, I definitely [Read More]