OTRS FAQ 1.5.3 : you have six reasons to use it

I have Christopher T. Kuhn Blog’s RSS feed in my blackberry. That’s the way I following with OTRS project. Christoper do the best job to explain new features and updated s. I did not try out OTRS FAQ 1.5.3 yet, but it look great from Chrisopher’s post. 知识库、解决方案库或者KB的建设往往被人们忽视 [阅读全文]

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想实现IT与业务融合的目标吗? 想让IT部门踏上自我管理之路吗? 想在IT规范的丛林里找到清晰的管理思路吗? 在IT与业务战略融合的过程之中,IT [阅读全文]