Martin Liu

Martin Liu

Senior Developer Relations/Advocate, Founder of DevOps China, Microsoft MVP

Martin Liu

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看完这个视频之后,还是没搞清楚:它到是一个快速的浏览器,还是一个快速启动的 OS 加浏览器,如果它仍然需要 OS 的话,那么它不过是一个 Redesigned 的 OS+操作系统。说白了就是瘦客户端加肥浏览器的组合吧!

您用 Google 的浏览器么?我用了一次就删除了,至今没有尝试装 Google 的操作系统。

Martin Liu

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Peoples always love whatever Google’s invention, I am using Gmail and GTalk every day too. But I think I couldn’t say I like google anytime. That’s just because Chrome. It was installed on my laptop yesterday. I’m trying it out when I access any of my google services (Gmail, Reader, Doc, etc…). There are some App shortcuts are already on my XP deskdtop.  Base on one day experience of Chrome, I’d like to talk about reasons I don’t like Chrome. I has not…




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