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Practical Linux Infrastructure by Syed Ali

Practical Linux Infrastructure by Syed Ali Link:

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The CI/CD pipeline automates as many tests as possible to gain confidence in the code. In addition, it performs a complete build of the software system and ensures the code that has been checked in does not cause anything to break. Any failure has to be investigated by a developer. There are numerous software products that can help implement a CI/CD pipeline, including the following: Jenkins ( CruiseControl ( Buildbot (

CI/CD要自动化尽可能多的测试案例,从而对代码获得更多的信心。另外,它还要执行一个完整的软件系统的build,并确保checked in的代码并不会搞坏其它东西。任何失败,开发人员都不得不去调查原因。有这样的一些软件可以帮助实施CI/CD的 pipeline:

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A public cloud solution can end up being more expensive than a private cloud or less, depending on the size of an enterprise.





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