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首先我们来回顾一下历史: Xen-history

上周Citrix把经营和支持多年的开源项目Xen Project加入到了inux Foundation,可以说是Xen Project 的一个新家。可能您还不太了解“Linux Foundation”;访问 FAQ 可获得它的一些基本知识。到目前为止Linux Foundation总共支持了8个开源软件项目。

那么Linux foundation能给这些开源软件提供怎么呢?
With ten years of experience managing open source projects and support services, The Linux Foundation can provide the back-office, technical infrastructure and legal framework to get your collaborative project off the ground quickly and efficiently.

想加入Linux fondation的项目还必须满足如下两个标准:

  • The use of open source governance best practices including license and contribution agreement choices in keeping with the ideals of Linux

  • The project must have the potential to fuel innovation in an industry through collaborative software development

我个人认为,这对于Xen Project和Citrix双方来说都是一个好事,Xen Project可以获得跟光明的发展前景,Citrix的商业产品XenServer也基本上可以直接从中受益。对Xen的处理,Citrix的做法和处理CloudStack是相同的,只是CloudStack交给了Apache组织。在国外这是一种成熟和成功的商业模式,开源软件项目周边发展出的是生机盎然的生态系统。

Citrix的官方新闻 :Citrix and Industry Leaders Usher in New Era for Open Source Xen //Strong Industry Support Drives Need for Independent Xen Project Initiative Xen Project官网新闻:Xen is now a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project Linux Foundation 新闻: Xen to Become Linux Foundation Collaborative Project Jim Zemlin (Executive Director of Linux Foundation)欢迎Xen的加入: Welcome Xen as a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project 对Xen Project做持续贡献的厂商么是这么反馈的: 查看 Xen Project的旧家: Xen Project 的新家: 请记住Xen的标志物,功夫熊猫:[gallery ids=“52363,52365,52366”]

ZDNet 的评论: Xen, Citrix’s popular open-source hypervisor, is becoming a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project with the backing of such major technology powers such as Amazon Web Services, Google, and Intel.

arstechnica.comd的评论:Linux Foundation takes over Xen, enlists Amazon in war to rule the cloud ///Xen virtualization gains support from Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel, and more.




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