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Remedy的开发人员或许熟悉这个邮件列表,;如果没注册的话,一定需要注册一下啊,不为别的,学学英语,看看其他人都聊什么,有什么问题总是不错的。下面这个段子就是最近我看过的最扯的讨论。关键词:Remedy, 职位, OH州,辛辛那提,Developer,伊拉克,ARS 6.3, ARS 7.5, ITSM 7.5, 巴格达, AK 47,武器,活动链,过滤器,阿富汗,薪水,简历,顾问……. engoy!!!!

Job: Permanent - Lead Remedy Developer - Cincinnati, OH
Dear List,
Merry Christmas!
Title: Lead Remedy Developer
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Duration: Permanent (Relocation is offered)
Start Date: 2-4 Weeks
Must haves:
- 5+ Years experience with Remedy
- Experience with 7.x
- Stable Resume (No Consultant Resume’s) (Client does not like job hoppers and will reject)
subtitle: As a senior developer, the individual will create, design, develop, test and implement Remedy applications and workflow enhancements from business requirements, in accordance with the corporate procedures and standards. This individual may also serve as a business analyst or project manager on select projects and may train Remedy users as required.

Additionally, the individual will be responsible for the daily administration, maintenance, monitoring and support of all Remedy applications, servers and reporting in a high-available 24x7 environment. The individual is expected to evaluate Remedy application patches, enhancements and new releases as necessary.

ITIL certification
CMDB design
Project Management and SDLC experience
Business requirements gathering
Remedy Integration with other technologies and systems
Joshua Kitchen
Senior Recruiter
Kforce Federal
937.449.1749 office
Great People = Great Results®


- Stable Resume (No Consultant Resume’s) (Client does not like job hoppers and will reject)
My 2 cent
Having been a Consultant for 8+ years (Remedy Developer for 13+ years), and then taking a Full Time Remedy position with a local company, the value I bring to the organization is huge. As I have seen a lot, traveled the world, assisted a wealth of customers with numerous ITSM and bespoke applications, have a breath of experience that most “Stable” Remedy developers do not have. If there is a seasoned Developer/Consultant that is ready to settle down and eliminate traveling, your client should really rethink their definition of “Stable”, because a Consultant is not a “Job Hopper”



- Stable Resume (No Consultant Resume’s) (Client does not like job hoppers and will reject)
Really! What planet is your client from? I would think most consultants would be glad to MILK a project for ALL its worth. But that would be bad business for the employer. So projects tend to adhere to budgeting constraints.

It is not the consultant’s fault that many Remedy projects end on or ahead of schedule. Unless he/she has worked TOO hard. Apparently your client does not want THAT GUY.

As my last “Permanent” job was for an “UNStable” company that Disappeared one month end of last year,
I couldn’t have said it better myself…spot on Doug!
Happy Holidays To You and Yours!

Read between the lines dudes :-)

We need a Lead Remedy developer who has the experience of a junior/trainee Remedy Administrator, and who is willing to work at the wages of a gas station attendant.. No expenses paid. Must be willing to work late hours - no overtime.. Must have had his first job as a gas service attendant for at least 5 years..


You guys give ol Josh a break, he is just relaying what his customer wants… If any consultants want to apply for that position I bet you can send an updated resume to accommodate getting to the interview. I think that it’s funny though that some employers do not realize anything about this product or the way that it is developed or administered. But I guess that is what recruiters are actually for right?

Hey Tommy,

We just like to have harmless fun sometimes :-) We know (at least most of us) Josh for a while as well as the fact that recruiters / employers sometimes have no clue what they are talking about. Time and again I have come across employing interviewers question me about the implementation of ITIL as if it were a physical product. Its nothing new.

Yes not so hard to update a resume to make it like you were on a ‘stable’ job and not a ‘job hopper’. Technically if I were to do that, it would look like I worked for just 2 companies over the 12 years I have worked with Remedy. I had to do just quite the opposite when I started looking for consulting gigs, and name every customer my old company had as a different project so that it would look more like a ‘job hoppers’ resume.

Its just a wrapping paper. At the end of the day you are the real stuff - what you know or do not, and can do or cannot, makes the difference to a smart employer (if they exist).


Did you notice the slight jab at the end of the note? I just wanted to get in a shot. It drives me crazy that there is such a disconnect between the hiring manager and the HR team in most companies.

One of my favorite job adverts had the perfect candidate as being aged 21 – 25, Bachelors degree and 6+ years experience in a corporate environment. The math just didn’t add up unless you started your degree plan at before you were 13.

As recruiters who have filled numerous Remedy positions in IRAQ and elsewhere we have tried to always be responsive to the needs of the client and the realities of the talent pool. The external recruiter’s role does not stop with the resume.

With respect to the current thread, there is a real clue re the client’s mind set and/or lack thereof, when they use the word “Permanent” in their job description. How do you spell “law suit?"

There are no “permanent” jobs out there.

* Contract positions or
* Employee positions…

Time for a reality check. We expect to be looking for “Senior Remedy Engineers” for both Afghanistan and Iraq…Anyone interested?

Happy Holidays


Jeff Glaser
Do the Afgan and Iraq positions come with weapons training? Haven’t fired a Mark 19 in a while but I’m sure the mechanism hasn’t changed would love to renew the qualification though lol


Someone actually mentioned age as a desirable quality in a job posting? That would be discriminatory.

If you had issues with the weapon.. would you check active links or filters to see why it’s not firing?

Lol Is it Friday already?!?! That was a pretty good one.

Active links, since the trigger is executed by the user action.

But that weapon is an automatic so you would need to check filters as well if the first round went off but then misfired on the next firing order. Maybe even check API logging of the belt stopped feeding correctly.

I would have an escalation throw out a grenade every 5 minutes. RUNIF: weapon jams.. J

I’d stick around Tommy since you already had weapons training… unless, of course, you trained with Dick Cheney.

/''''''''''(______O] ———-____ ______/]_
__…—'"""_ –'' Q ___________@
|''' ._ _______________=———"""""""
| ..–''| l L |_l |
| ..–'' . /-___j ' ‘
| ..–’' / , ' ‘
|–’' / ` <br />|__' \ -
- ‘-.
’. /

You could also add in an exclusion in the Runif clause just to be on the safe side If $USER$ != “dchene1”

Nice AK. You know I think that symbol art is coming back en vogue,


What would be the client type? Unknown?

Client type would be terrorist or freedom fighter depending on who was holding the UI.

Escalations would be no good unless you happened to be testing something when the enemy was in line with the weapon that was firing at the given time or interval!

Filters would be no good because of the network lag between the client and the server by the time the result computed fire, the target had moved out of the kill zone!

Sorry guys and girls but always ends up with some grunt holding the weapon and firing the trigger.


Your right Rob. The “grunt” part.

As it turns out Joe was spot on about the position “gas station attendant”.

I haven’t see the wage that was offered, since I worked with the old UNIX client.

Remember… that was before we had Active Links…

You could have actions like Change Fields (of fire), Open Window (for grenades), and Call Guide (for arty).

Don’t forget to include an active link guide for autofire.

‘threats’ > 1 AND ‘LastThreatEliminated’ != “Yes”

SQL Statement Set Field
SET FIELD ‘ThreatDistance’ = $1$

If ‘threats’ > 1

On a serious note. If you’re looking for a contract, go for Iraq before Afghan. They’re trying to pay people the same amount of money for both places. Left Iraq 6 weeks ago. No way I’d go to Afghan for the same pay. (Living conditions are worse, more time off to sit around and do nothing(very boring), and we got almost no incoming at Victory in Baghdad.)

As far as the Iraq posting. It says ARS 6.3 but that description is 4 years old. It’s 7.1, ITSM 7.0.3. 7.5 is probably never going to happen there. But if you you’re looking for a new contract and want to get paid pretty good to learn ITSM 7 and get some experience with 7.1 (that’s why I went) then send Jeff Glasser your resume.

Jason Bess
Remedy Developer/Consultant
Bess Development Corporation
(My position is the one they’re back-filling in Iraq right now. I won’t lie, it sucked being there. But the $95k tax exclusion, massive paychecks, and experience were unbeatable.)

————————————————————–The End–





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