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snap170 Now, I am here at ByteactHosting. My blog was moved into this free web hosting.Free Web Hosting Plan

  • 800MB 1GB (1024MB) of webspace
  • 30GB of monthly transfer
  • 10 MySQL databases
  • 10 Addon domains
  • 10 Addon subdomains
  • 10 Parked domains
  • POP E-mail account (catch-all)
  • Direct FTP access
  • PHP support
  • NO FORCED ADS! It is close to the last one I bought from总的来说这是一个非常好用的免费主机,Wordpress的安装只需要点3次Next就完成了。后台管理中可以安装多种开源的程序,有blog、CMS、BBS、B2B、CRM等很多流行程序。目前基本上感觉和使用国内的付费主机没太大差别。
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