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如果你了解OCS Inventory NG 的话,您可能会发现这个问题,在家里用adsl上网,可能访问不到这个项目的网站,所以要想下载这个项目的软件,可以去sorceforge.net下载。

10/28/2008 OCS Inventory NG Server 1.02 RC3 发布了Patch1,Patch1主要是修复了一些数据库创建和更新的问题,具体的内容如下所示:

In the database creation/update process launched through Administration Console (install.php), défault settings for cache and download directories are missing.

Also, default values in dynamic group computation are not set correctly. So dynamic group of computers are not updated correctly in Communication Server.

We've also included Remi patch in install.php to avoid overriding database username and password if you've changed them. Thanks Remi.

OCS Inventory NG在sorceForge的下载网址

**15 September 2008 GLPI 0.71.2 发布 **


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