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I think the following open source software resources could be helpful to you.


Virtual Appliances / 虚拟应用

* Asset Management 资产管理 OCS Inventory v1.02 RC1+ GLPI v0.70.2,Download , 下载地址和虚拟说明。

* IT Service Management – Help Desk – Ticket tracking system, OTRS2.6.6+OTRS::ITSM 1.0.94, Download , 下载地址和虚拟应用说明。

* Network monitoring system:

* Zenoss 2 , it was made by Zenoss, not the newest version; download, 下载网址。

* OpenNMS 1.5.91, download it from SourceForge; they like to keeping this vm appliance update. Download 下载网址。

ISO Appliances / ISO应用

* Cacti + Nagios + nTop = CactiEZ

* OSSIM is a open source security management suite. download, 下载网站

* Network appliance: Vyatta could be firewall, router, gateway, dhcp server, etc… download, 下载网站

* Slax is a USB Linux, install in on usb key within 10 minutes, run it on any where, download Slax for CD 下载

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