How do you know who uses open source?

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It’s hard to get a answer. But I am always thanking about this question. The people who use open source may not announce to the wold “we are running apache+tomcat as on-line banking service!!!”. As far as I know, more and more peoples going to choice open source software whenever they have this option.Let’s narrow down this question. That will be more interesting.

Now this question is easier to be figured out. I did a litter bit research for that. The following is what I didUse a google search tips inurl.** **Search “inurl:otrs/” in google.

  • [inurl:] Get to know it from
  • “/otrs/” is csutomer logon page of OTRS.
  • ** 约有457项符合inurl:/otrs/customer.pl的查询结果,…** From the searching result, we can know at least 457 OTRS users on the interest.  If you are conserding OTRS as your internal help desk system. Here up to 500 reference OTRS users is ready for you to check out. I clicked few of them, most of them are customized; they looks more beautiful. The OTRS orcks!
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