OpenNMS 网站的安装文档:

下面是我在一个 CentOS4 的机器上按照上面文档安装的。

[root@jng-hkg-48-dyn3328831 ~]# yum list opennms

Repository opennms-stable-common is listed more than once in the configuration

Repository opennms-stable-rhel4 is listed more than once in the configuration

Setting up repositories

Reading repository metadata in from local files

Available Packages

opennms.noarch 1.3.10-0.8030.snapshot opennms-snapshot

Dependencies Resolved


Package Arch Version Repository Size



opennms noarch 1.3.10-0.8030.snapshot opennms-snapshot-common 5.0 k

Installing for dependencies:

iplike i386 1.0.6-1 opennms-snapshot-rhel4 10 k

jdk i586 2000:1.5.0_13-fcs opennms-snapshot-common 46 M

jicmp i386 1.0.4-1 opennms-snapshot-rhel4 43 k

opennms-core noarch 1.3.10-0.8030.snapshot opennms-snapshot-common 47 M

opennms-webapp-jetty noarch 1.3.10-0.8030.snapshot opennms-snapshot-common 27 M

postgresql i386 7.4.17-1.RHEL4.1 update 2.0 M

postgresql-server i386 7.4.17-1.RHEL4.1 update 3.0 M

Transaction Summary


Install 8 Package(s)

Update 0 Package(s)

Remove 0 Package(s)

Total download size: 125 M

Is this ok [y/N]: y

local all all trust

host all all trust

host all all ::1/128 trust

tcpip_socket = true

isten_addresses = ’localhost’ (这一行加入了好些数据库启动不了了,去掉就行了,不知原因)

署名-非商业性使用-禁止演绎 4.0 (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)
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