FROM: offers functionality that will make your IT resources look more transparent, and it will also help to easily identify performance and availability problems. ZABBIX greatly increases the productivity of system administrators by providing simple-to-use monitoring system.Key features

  • 开源的方案Open Source solution
  • 能编译运行在多种OS:AIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, Linux, MacOS X, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Solaris, Tru64/OSF
  • SQL database存储配置、性能等各种信息
  • Web interface 简单易用的访问
  • 提供实时和历史的监控分析数据
  • Data 可视化和影射
  • 高性能的监控代理 (UNIX, Win32)
  • 监控 “agentless” 环境
  • 维护和监控SLA of IT Services
  • 监控 SNMP (v1,v2,v3) devices IT Services 提供IT基础架构(组建/服务/硬件)等和业务逻辑的联系和对应ZABBIX’s unique technology allows you to relate your applications and underlying servers or network to a IT Service such as application, location, server, network device, region, etc. This technology allows you to correlate your business to your IT infrastructure and identify the impact of your IT infrastructure to the delivery of business service to your customers.Data visualisationZABBIX provides excellent visualisation of statistical and real-time information, ranging from simple graphs to complex views containing graphs, maps and text information. All graphical information is accessible from WEB interface. The wealth of information available such as the trend analysis (days to threshold), the historical graphs and histograms allow you to make informed decisions about the weaknesses and performance of your IT infrastructure.Application monitoring 应用监控Enterprise applications such as Oracle, WebSphere, WebLogic, Exchange, Apache, etc. can be monitored using SNMP. In many cases, agentless technology can be used, cutting down on the deployment and management costs.ZABBIX agents can be easily extended to perform monitoring of any aspect of your applications. It is matter of writing a shell script which would return required data back to the agent.Server monitoring 服务器监控Virtually all server platforms are supported including but not limited to UNIX, Win32 and Novell Netware. ZABBIX native agents take care of CPU utilisation, memory utilisation, disk usage, network I/O, temperature of CPUs and mainboards, status of processes, etc. All real-time performance data is immediately available by WEB interface.Network monitoring 网络设备监控ZABBIX supports monitoring of Cisco, Juniper, 3Com, Nortel, Foundry and other routers as well as firewalls from Netscreen, Fortinet, Cisco or Checkpoint. Any network devices (routers, hubs, printers, etc) having SNMP support can be easily monitored by ZABBIX.ZABBIX makes possible creation of network maps which give very clear representation of monitored network infrastructure. The maps show network devices, connections, statuses of the devices, and reasons if a device is not available or has any problems.Integration of Fault and Performance Management集成化的故障和性能监控The need to effectively integrate fault and performance management is becoming increasingly apparent to IT organizations seeking to ensure quality delivery of business services. ZABBIX generates real-time notification of threshold violations based on scheduled performance tests.
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