Release: OTRS Help Desk 3.0.11

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[success]这是一个补丁修补版本。我的名字也第一次出现,感谢Michael的帮忙,没有你我可能迟迟发不上去这个翻译。完整的release notes见[/success]

+++++++++++++++++++++++++ Release Note ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Release:            OTRS Help Desk 3.0.11 Status:             stable Code Name:          Cancún Beach, México We are proud to announce that the latest patch level release of OTRS 3.0 (codename: Cancún Beach, México) has been released. Important for Upgrading ======================= * From OTRS 3.0.x: Make sure you run bin/[]( after the upgrade so that the configuration is refreshed. Otherwise the system may not work. * From OTRS 2.4.x: Please read the UPGRADING and INSTALL files for detailed instructions. Warning ======= OTRS versions from 3.0.beta1 up to 3.0.2 were affected by a bug in the GenericAgent which could cause the "Ticket Delete" flag to be active by default for new GenericAgent jobs, depending on the locale. If you used one of the affected versions and have created new GenericAgent jobs with them, please review them to check if the "Ticket Delete" flag indeed has the correct value. Otherwise unwanted data loss might occur. Improvements ============ * Updated Simplified Chinese Translation, thanks to Martin Liu! * Updated Danish translation, thanks to Lars Jørgensen!
Software Download =================* [ []( ] (Germany/Hamburg) * [ []( ] (Germany/Hamburg) A complete list of all download mirrors is available at [ []( ].


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Published on February 11, 2017