Systems Monitoring Shootout

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Please download it here A paper from Open Management Consortium

This is a paper from “2008 Ottawa Linux Symposium”. It will give you a nice insight about some great NSM projects. It is talking about OpenNMS, Zabix, Zenoss, GroundWorks and Hyperic, those might b the hottest projects around NMS field. If you are looking for a open source network and system monitoring solution, or you are testing one of them; you should check it out. I got this paper from Open Management Consortium.

Sometimes, people might spend too much time on testing different projects; I know this is a kind of fun. But eventually they only got lots of comments about manny project. They still did not realize the value of open source. The best way to adpat open source is that you just pick one nice project and keeping to use it for months at least. I have a net admin frind who I had since helped to setup Cacti for all of his network devices. He don’t know so many NSM projects, but he really engoy Cacti. With Cacti, he can do a easier and better job then before. So, are you going to still watching open source world? Let’s get start your real open source journey.


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Published on February 11, 2017